Over 50 years of experience in apparatus and container construction,
in manufacturing of welding constructions and in assemblies

The company

In 1961, Günther Knörck founded the company
"Günther Knörck mech. Workshop ".

With initially 2 employees, smaller welded constructions were initially made in a rented production facility and mechanical subcontracting was carried out.


In order to meet the increasing customer requirements with regard to the part size, and in order to cope with the increase in order volume, the number of employees was continuously increased and larger premises were rented.


In 1981, the sole proprietorship company was changed to “Knörck Apparatebau GmbH” which still exists today. The main focus of production is on:



  • The production of pressure vessels, containers and apparatuses made of steel and stainless steel in accordance with the regulations of DGRL and EN 13 445 with the approval of notified bodies.
  • The production of difficult welding constructions, also from heat-resistant stainless steels
  • the production of aforementioned parts and subsequent installation of accessory parts for the ready-to-install assemblies

In 1997, own premises were procured in the city of Wilnsdorf, which were extended in 2007. At present, nearly 2000 [m²] production areas with crane capacities of a maximum of 20 ton are available for our employees.

Thanks to the existing procedural tests as per AD data sheet HP 2/1, TRD 201 and the HP0 approval, the prerequisites for the production of pressurised containers in accordance with European Directives like RL 2014/68/EU in combination with AD-2000 and as per TRD are fulfilled.


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