Over 50 years of experience in apparatus and container construction,
in manufacturing of welding constructions and in assemblies

Our portfolio in key words

  • Containers, pressure vessels
  • Apparatuses and heat exchangers
  • Agitator vessels
  • Vacuum vessels
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Filter tanks (also with rubber lining)
  • Resonators
  • Vibration dampers
  • Separators
  • vessels exposed to alternating loads
  • Conveying vessels/forwarders up to Ø 3000 mm
  • Conveying vessels/forwarders with outlet cones up to NW 50
  • Conveying vessels with ventilation rings
  • Discharge feeders, fluidisation beds
  • Annealing muffles
  • Protective covers
  • Impellers for gas recirculation
  • Steel pipes and pipelines in special dimensions
  • Cooling pipes and cooling pipe systems
  • Completion of conveying vessels for pneumatic conveyor systems,
    including all shut-off valves, rod sensors and pressure gauges
  • Construction of control cabinets for pneumatic conveyor systems with electrical wiring, including the function test and pressure test
  • Inlet and outlet valves for pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Complete valve stations with all fittings
  • Ready-to-use coal dust and gas burners for the cement industry along with pipes and shut-off valves
  • Complete coolers and driers up to Ø 3000 mm
  • ...


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