Over 50 years of experience in apparatus and container construction,
in manufacturing of welding constructions and in assemblies

Pre-mounted assemblies

In many cases, we not only take over the welding production of components for our customers, but also the subsequent assembly of accessories to ready-to-built-in modules.


  • the completion of conveying vessels for pneumatic conveying facilities
    including all shut-off devices, rod probes and manometers
  • the construction of control cabinets for pneumatic conveying facilities with electrical wiring, including function test and pressure test
  • Inlet and outlet valves for pneumatic conveying facilities
  • complete valve stations with all fittings
  • Ready-to-use carbon dust and gas burners for the cement industry
    with piping and shut-off valves
  • complete cooler and dryer up to Ø 3000 mm


The basis for our production and / or assembly are the design and production documents produced by our customers.

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