Over 50 years of experience in apparatus and container construction,
in manufacturing of welding constructions and in assemblies


The necessary process tests are available for the materials processed by us and all our welders are in possession of the appropriate welder qualifications.


Examples of welding and welding procedures can be found here:

 ► Images of AP/VP/SP


We were tested as manufacturers according to AD2000-Merkblatt HP0, DIN EN 13445 and DIN ISO 3834-2 and are thus approved for the production of pressure equipment according to Directive 2014/68/EU. Furthermore, we have the approval according to TR TS 032/2013 for the production of pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the Trans-Eurasian Union (Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan) and accordance UKCA for the manufacture of pressure vessels for Great Britain


Zertifikat DGRL

Our products are regularly approved by the following institutions:


  • Lloyd´s Register
  • TÜV
  • Dekra


Approvals by other notified bodies (AIB, SVDB, etc.) are also possible on request.

Zertifikat EN ISO 3834

Zertifikat Modul D

Zertifikat Modul A2

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